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A synopsis of the moral theology of the Church of Rome

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A synopsis of the moral theology of the Church of Rome

Published 1836

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Publisher New York, Office of the Downfall of Babylon; Pittsburgh, Pa., Patterson, Ingram, & Co.
Year 1836
Pages 418
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Language English
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Reviewer: Dpoc41 - - October 21, 2014
Subject: Absolute Garbage
All these claims refuted, many times --- here-
Reviewer: - - November 7, 2013
Subject: Anti-Catholic propaganda
The oldest trick to mislead readers about Catholicism, is to offer a book supposedly written by "an ex-Catholic priest" as containing the truth about the Catholic Church. Bishop Fulton Sheen, the Catholic Bishop who is known as the first TV evangelist said: "People don't hate the Catholic Church, they hate what they think is the Catholic Church."
Reviewer: badexamplesinthechurch - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 14, 2013
Subject: What does the Church of Rome teach ? and why should I Care ?
This is an interesting book. It should be read. It seems to be written by an ex-priest, someone who valued truth and not the political correctness of the Vatican.

BUT the interesting part are his comments about Ligori, and that is what seems to bother some. The ex-priest raises questions that people do need to have the answers to. Wanting others to avoid questions, or wanting people to avoid thinking, that does NOT actually stop people from thinking. Catholics ARE able to think. Why is it that some ultra-Vatican worshippers are always in a hurry to get regular catholics to NOT think, and NOT study, and NOT learn about history, and NOT ask real questions ???

The book seems to be another example of something that a few censors wish you would not read, only believe their censorship instead.
These are often the same ones who were in favor of placing books on an INDEX of Banned and Forbidden books, in order to keep information from the Roman Catholic laymen. That kind of conduct and censorship is wrong. God gave people a brain and mind. Lets treat roman catholic laymen with just a bit more respect, don't you think ? People can read it and make up their own mind.

I have no idea why anyone would be hostile to ex-priests. Often ex-priests are very helpful and encouraging. Often they have left the priesthood because of the corruption and problems that they witnessed behind the scenes.

For them to leave their calling must be very very difficult. Usually they are helpful, kind and at least willing to talk, willing to have a
conversation ;.

That is different from many priests today, who are still not willing to talk, not willing to search for answers, and who are still committed to passivity, non-answers, cover-ups and avoidance for much of their ministry.

We all know about the scandals of the Roman Church. Those have only grown in the past 30 years. Every one of those scandals involved networks of dozens of priests. Their philosophy of covering things up made it easier for the children to be harmed;.

So I think that probably ex-priests are better and they are trying to make a difference, even if they, for their conscience sake, could not do it from Inside the Roman church.

I read statements of another reviewer such as " It is obvious they knew nothing of the Church when they were Catholic, and seemingly know even less after they leave Her. ". That comment is just amazing. Some of these priests were servants to the church for 2o years, often more. WHY is it that anyone would think that they would know nothing of the church ?

How do you serve in a place for decades and still know nothing ; ???

That answer or inference that Ex-priests know nothing... is not intellectually honest. More likely, it is BECAUSE they DID know many things, ( such as documented scandals ; about the Catholic church, the other priests, and the archbishops, that they could NOT stay. It takes a GREAT deal of courage to leave the Roman church, and to start asking questions. It takes even MORE courage to leave when you are a priest. You can even read other eyewitness accounts (or watch the videos ; by former nuns ) ; or learn about Goddess worship taking place today right now in convents ;. Does THAT honor God ?

Learning the difference between serving the institution and serving God is not an easy task.

Some catholics stand in the way, because they are NOT willing to ask questions, they are not willing to stand for truth. Many of them have not even come to terms with the evils of persecution and oppression of others which was conducted against other Christians during the Inquisition. Freedom of speech, Freedom of Conscience, Freedom to think, Freedom to make up one's own mind, are all gifts and rights granted to each human being, by Almighty God. The fact that others may not agree does not make it any less true.

Some people WANT to believe in order to place their faith in men instead of having Faith in God. Some of those often do not have courage to seek truth. They want their world to be perfect, and when it is demonstrated to not be perfect, that causes a huge problem for them. In those moments the real problem is within themselves. They do not understand, but they are practicing idolatry;.

They are trying to hold humans to a perfect standard unwilling to admit that the humans they want to be perfect are not. But God does not maintain that any human has ever been perfect, apart from Jesus Christ himself, who was the only one to meet that standard.

We need to read the actual text of the New Testament, stop believing propaganda, and start thinking for ourselves ;. If this book helps to accomplish this, then this is a step in the right direction.

Insulting ex-priests after they already made decades-long commitment to Rome does not add any light to the discussion. It only shows that some are ready to insult others, when those others decide to both start seeking truth and are willing to share it. Here is a video by even two ex-priests of the Roman Church ;. There are the works of other ex-priests here also. Should we insult them now too ? Here is a traditional work by an ex-priests, who worked for 50 years in the Church of Rome ;

If you bother to demonstrate courage by actually reading their work, you will find out what these ex-priests actually knew. It is a lot of information, and even more useful in this day and age. His work involved helping alcoholics and those with addiction issues. For actually caring about those people, certain archbishops turned against him and his work. That is terrible, to realize that the archbishops would place their own interests so far above the genuine wellbeing and welfare of the very parishoneers they have sworn to serve and help.

When I listen to this ex-priest ;, he hardly seems ignorant and to know nothing.

On the contrary, it is his knowledge gained; while a priest that helps him to understand how to share reality and truth with others. How is that a bad thing ? It isn't. It is men of courage and integrity who often are the ex-priests

Here is an example of laymen (download or watch video / mp4) ;.
These laymen left the Roman Catholic church. Their reasons seem valid. These eyewitness testimonies demonstrate that real people need real answers;

It is fine when you are very young to think that the Hierarchy has it all under control, men of God actually are in charge, the archbishops try to do what is right, and people inside the church are striving for truth, integrity and historic honesty
historic honesty;. Most of those beliefs are actually myths, things we WISH were true, but experience, and hard reality, and personal experience ;shows them to not be true.

People need REAL answers ;, not easy believism, not the trite answers, the avoidance-answers, not the believe-me-because-I-say-so answers. Those are usually false answers, and they do not last. And they also HURT because, what they often confirm is that instead of being willing to actually share in the pain, dilemas and questions of those who were brave enough to have the courage to ask, that the priests are NOT willing to take risks, they are NOT willing to be vulnerable, and they are NOT willing to share honest or real answers. That is not comfort. That is the ABSENCE of comfort. Leaving parishoneers in that state is a betrayal of them, and of their interests, and of the Church.

When leaders in the church refuse to deal with the issues that that church has avoided ; is it not time to find a different Church ? Sometimes, even that is very difficult. There are many false spiritual movements ; these days.

Still, No matter what the label (and Catholic programing instructs to be phobic about any other label), God and the Bible are Bigger and Larger than the officials within the priesthood. That is what Ex-priests have often found out ; and confirmed, and that truth seems reasonable and accurate ;
Reviewer: Jerald Franklin Archer - - February 14, 2011
Subject: More Typical Anti-Catholic Hogwash
Here is another book in the archive that should have the words: "ANTI-CATHOLIC CONTENT" displayed across the preview to make it easier to spot. But as research is research, it is still one of those works that deceive right from the beginning--the very title is ambiguous as to what is contained inside. Anti-Catholic literature is like a snake in an attractive box. It is normal to want to open the box, but one should be careful, as works like these may possibly cost millions and millions of souls to lose their eternal salvation.

One should always be wary of works by "ex-priests", as it is known that many ex-Catholics usually make the most rabid of anti-Catholics. Those individuals who promote such philosophies are guilty of attempting to lead others away from Christ.

Although I must say that the author is by no means in a class with St. Liguori himself(whose name the author constantly misspells), The work really does offer an insight of the attitudes of certain individuals against Catholics at that time (1836). Sadly, even with the information we have available, there still remain some who believe (and promote) what is in this tome even today.

It is obvious they knew nothing of the Church when they were Catholic, and seemingly know even less after they leave Her. Anti-Catholic sentiments usually stem from selfish and ignorant attitudes. They are are usually liberal minded, fundamentalist, hypocritical and Pharisaical self proclaimed prophets and scriptural philosophers who hate the Church for the most absurd of reasons. To hate the Catholic Church is to hate Christ Himself, so one need not see the origin of such hatred. To be an Anti-Catholic is to literally be an anti-Christ.

I will not even venture to rate this, as there is no rating using negative numbers available to do so. If that were the case it would get a solid -7. I have to at least commend the author for his effort. The information presented can be rather entertaining, but don't expect to come away with the truth of the matter. My above statements should say enough as to what the reader should expect from the author.

It should be noted that St. Alphonsus di Liguori (whom the author is attempting to refute) wrote many great works that can only be highly recommended, but some do not respect that which is sacred or will accept that which is the proven truth. One great example of St. Liguori's work is to be found here:

This is only one of many works that St. Liguori wrote, and not one of them can be said to be in error of moral, doctrinal or spiritual content.

To be fair to oneself, one should read it as well, as this is where the truth is to be found first--from the Saint himself. The only way to fully realize or understand the truth is to to try it oneself. St. Liguori speaks in favor of truth. It is a subject that still is very much in the minds of people today, even as it was in Liguori's time.

Despite all attempts to refute that which is established and proven truth, it is a farce to attempt to refute the work of such a great saint, or even the True Church of Christ Himself, that being the Catholic Church. Throughout history many have tried, all have failed.
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